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Paul DeNunzio

Paul DeNunzio photo Paul DeNunzio
  • JFGF/JKD Full Instructor

Paul is the Chief Instructor and operator of Jeet Kune Do Charleston.  He holds a Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do Instructor certification from Sifu Kevin Seaman (Sifu Dan Inosanto lineage). Paul has been training under Sifu Kevin since 1996. He also has trained extensively with Sifu Alex Chan and Sifu Luigi Cuellar of Nubreed Martial Arts. 

He has earned a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from world renowned Renzo Grace Black Belt Alan Teo.  He has trained with Professors Marcos and Marcio Santos (Machado JJ) as well as Professors  Lou Presta and Steve Kardian.  Paul currently trains under Tom Sheehan of Devine Jiu Jitsu, Daniel Island. 

Paul has over 22 years of Law Enforcement experience with the NYPD, PAPD and now South Carolina Law Enforcement. He is a certified Law Enforcement Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor. Paul has earned Defensive Tactics instructor certifications in New York State, the State of South Carolina, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (DHS) and Krav Maga World Wide.  He spent over 3 years as the PAPD police academy lead Defensive Tactics instructor.  As the Lead DT instructor, Paul revamped the Defensive Tactics curriculum.  He trained staff and more than 500 police recruits in Defensive Tactics. 

Aside from his certifications, he also has extensive training in Boxing, Muay Thai, Combat Submission Wrestling (Sensei Erik Paulson), Folk Style Wrestling and Kali (Guro Dan Inosanto Blend). 

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