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Private/Small Groups/Seminars Today’s society is riddled with violence directed at women. Assaults, Robbery’s, Sexual Attacks and Human Trafficking are the primary examples of violence targeting women. Are you prepared to protect yourself or a loved one when faced with physical violence? The Women’s Self-Defense class is designed to teach women how to survive a physical confrontation. The students will learn the concepts of Awareness, Avoidance and Attack. The course is a combination of classroom lecture, student/instructor discussion, and physical techniques. This specially designed class is a comprehensive study of the most reliable self-defense techniques and self-defense strategy. The Self-Defense techniques cover striking, clinching, defensive techniques (i.e., defense against chokes) ground fighting and weapons (defense and offense). Self-Defense strategy includes criminal behavior, pre-assault indicators, self-defense theory, victimology, mental preparedness, and defensive weapons considerations. 

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